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I. Rebuild Service (Rebuild & Repair Of Customer Products):

We offer professional vacuum pump rebuilding services to repair your equipment. If your vacuum pump or controller is in need of service or repair we will be happy to help repair it for you. We have the technology, replacement parts, repair kits, tooling, and trained technicians needed to offer the best rebuilt vacuum pumps on the market today. We operate a full service vacuum pump repair center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our facility maintains a machine shop dedicated to remanufacturing vacuum pump parts and internal components. If your vacuum pump is in need of service or repair we will be happy to help.

Our rebuild service carries a 90-day warranty on parts and labor. When required we are happy to provide an estimate/quotation for our services. These quotations are used to describe what the normal cost for a typical repair would be. In general, service pricing is dependant upon the condition of the broken item. Our policy is, that if the repair is with in 10% higher than our estimated/quotation pricing we will finish the job and contact you with an invoice when the item is in the shipping department. If we find that the required repairs are much higher than the estimated/quotation price we will stop and revise the quotation price. We will stop service and wait for your approval of the revised quote. We charge a $325 evaluation fee. This fee is only applied when we evaluate, trouble shoot, and prepare a written quotation and the customer decides to have the product returned without service. That is, no evaluation fee will be applied to items, which are rebuilt by Ideal Vacuum Products.

The typical lead-time for our service is generally 2 to 4 weeks. The lead-time greatly depends on our service department workload. We average 75 to 100 pump rebuild services per month (as of Jan 2011). We do have the ability to offer rush rebuild service. A rebuild service typically takes 4 days; one day to dismantle, clean, and rebuild, 2 to 3 days for running and diagnostics, and 1 day in shipping. Rush service fee are usually set at 25% of our rebuilt products purchase price. If you are interested in rush service please let us know. If your service is time oriented please follow up with us often. That will keep us informed that you need to product ASAP. If you do not, the product will follow our normal 2 to 4 week service schedule. To return your product for a rebuild services please fill out our online Rebuild Service RMA form and follow the printed instructions.


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