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Manufacturing Tech Position

Welding Position:

Ideal Vacuum is looking for manufacturing tech applicants to support our manufacturing and service departments. This position will require assembling of our manufactured parts following our detailed assembly procedures. Some of these process steps require welding and the person hired for this position will need to have previous TIG welding experience or be able to learn this skill by on-the-job-training (OJT). Excellent TIG welding skills will need to be exhibited soon after the employee has completed our TIG weld training, this is a must to retain this employment position. This position requires that the candidate have strong pre-existing mechanical skills as many of the products are assembled using mechanic tools; wrenches, screw drivers, Allen wrenches, custom presses, following complex assembly processes. A person with limited mechanical skills would introduce assembly defects and produce a poor final product (this will not be tolerated). Many of our final products have our manufacturing marks burned onto the metal surface using our laser marking machine. Rubber gloves are worn during the laser marking process to keep the final products clean and free of fingerprints. This position will require the candidate to become skilled at our Laser Marking process where cleanliness, attention to detail, and good computer skills are needed.

Excellent English reading and writing skills is a must. The candidate should be efficient with a PC computer and understand the functions of Windows operating systems. Many of our manufacturing processes require looking up stored files on our internal computer systems, loading those correct files into the assembly-step controlled computer, and also involves data entry to report assembly progress (candidates must be able to understand and operate a windows based computer). This position will require reading and understanding complex userís manuals, reading and following detailed product assembly instructions, and preparing written manufacturing & progress reports on a daily basis.

Follow Instructions

Must be able to read and comprehend userís instruction manuals for our equipment to learn how to use these machines correctly and safety, the manuals can be 100s of pages in length. Must be able to follow detailed product assembly instructions so that the products that we manufacture are assembled correctly to avoid product defects. The candidates must be able to follow verbal instructions and want to be a team player. Our manufacturing goals are to assemble all the products following exact steps which are outlined in our assembly procedures (deviation from the assembly procedures will not be tolerated). The skills that one should have:p>

Mechanically Inclined

A strong mechanical background is desired. This person needs to enjoy working with their hands, using mechanic tools, and have a STRONG mechanical aptitude. A lot of the daily work task will involve assembling products following our standard operating procedures (SOPs). The position will also support our service department and mechanical disassemble of defective products will be required. These machines must be taken apart and cleaned. Many of the parts are delicate and easily broken if the technician does not have good mechanical skills or is careless in their disassembly procedures. The skills that one should have:

TIG Welding

This position will require TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) fusion-weld type welding of parts. This is a very clean type of weld on 304L stainless steel where argon purge gas is applied. Some of the products that we manufacture require a welding process where two components are welded together using a Miller Dynasty 350 TIG welder. Most of the parts are round in shape, requiring welds around the inside and outside of circular parts. We use an orbiting weld fixture to rotate the parts where the rotation speed is controlled by a foot pedal. Previous welding experience is not required but would be a beneficial skill to have. To become good at this TIG welding process one would need to have:

CMM Operation

We are in the process of ordering and installing a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) manufactured by Zeiss. Our future manufacturing goals are to produce parts with tighter tolerance which will be required as we introduce new product lines that incorporate complex internal moving parts. This new, compact, 3D coordinate measuring machine will allow our engineering department to receive quality control data reports as feedback on parts that are manufactured in our CNC machine shop. The candidates for this position will need to have previous skills of operating a CMM in a temperature controlled room or exhibit that they have learned this process after completing our CMM operations training class. Excellent computer skills, quick learning of new software applications, and ability to record written notes on each measurement process will be required. For the CMM data to be reliable the user must follow detailed instructions so that every part is measured under the same conditions (measurements must be repeatable).

Pay & Benefits

How To Apply:

Does this sounds like a position for you? Please submit your resume today to hr4@idealvac.com. Visit our careers web site for other career opportunities. All resume submissions will be treated confidentially and with discretion. Please send your current resume CV and details of current salary package to the email: hr4@idealvac.com or fax them to: (505) 872-9001.

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