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Chemical Engineer - Entry Level Position


Ideal Vacuum is a New Mexico based distributor of scientific and industrial vacuum equipment with pumping technologies, such as, rotary vane, dry scroll, dry semiconductor, Root’s blowers, turbomolecular, diffusion, rotary piston, and multi-roots dry pumps along with vacuum pressure measurement, vacuum fittings, hardware, supplies, and vacuum pump product accessories since 2001. We are looking for a vacuum products inside technical and applications support engineer to assist our growing vacuum products business. We need a qualified and committed individual with a vast knowledge of vacuum products technical experience that can help our customers; answer technical questions and guiding them to make the correct purchase for their application.

This position will focus on application and engineering support problems to assist our sales department management in answering customer’s questions quickly. Our goals are to have our sales team transfer technical and application support questions over to our technical engineers. Once the support questions have been answered the communication is transferred back to our sales and service departments. Our goals are to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently, providing professional guidance. This level of support and commitment will help build a long lasting relationship with our customers.

This position will also focus on supporting our web site advertising team to prepare technically rich media for the products that we sell. We are constantly adding to and updating our web site. We currently have over 6,000 product page listings and each require a level of technical writing to accurately describe these vacuum products and how they should be used. Our technical and application support engineers assist our graphics department by preparing technical manuscripts for these product web page listings. This positions will require excellent English writing skills, the ability to read and comprehend technical vacuum products manuals, datasheets, and catalogs. To prepare a selected technical product manuscript we often have to read and study all published literature about those selected types of products and then condense that information into a concise and well-advertised product listing.

We have an internal technical support database where we add each new technical support questions and corresponding answers. The goal is to build a trouble shooting and support center for our sales team to use. Each database record will have a distinct title that describes the questions along with searchable keywords. The correct answers to each question are often identified by following a series of yes or no questions, guided by a flow chart which terminates at the most probable solution. Related materials, such as, user’s manuals, datasheets, and manufacturer’s catalog pages in pdf format can be linked to each solutions. It will also be a focus of our technical support and application engineers to constantly add too, modify, and improve our internal technical support database.

The candidate would have to assist in engineering & design of new vacuum product devices, developing new product testing procedures, and working on automated quality control systems, etc.

About Ideal Vacuum

Ideal Vacuum continues to be the leader in scientific & industrial vacuum pump and accessories distribution in New Mexico and Colorado. We stock over 2 million dollars in new vacuum pumps, pressure measurement, and vacuum fittings at our Albuquerque, New Mexico warehouse location. We focus on shipping orders quickly, as soon as possible, in most cases our orders ship same day as the order is placed. We want to project and foster fast customer responses to all quotations, questions, along with order deliveries. Our products are supplied by top selling vacuum equipment manufacturers, such as, Alcatel Adixen, Agilent Varian, Edwards, Inficon, Iwata Anesta, KNF Neuberger, Oerlikon Leybold, Pfeiffer, Stokes, Vacuubrand, Welch, and others. These manufacturers, provide the equipment and support that is the absolute best available in the marketplace today. We match these quality products with engineering, design expertise, installation experience and quality service to keep our customers equipment running properly for years. Ideal Vacuum operates a full service center, we are committed and constantly strive to achieve a higher level of service excellence.


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How To Apply

Does this sounds like a position for you? Please submit your resume today to hr4@idealvac.com. Visit our careers web site for other career opportunities. All resume submissions will be treated confidentially and with discretion. Please send your current resume CV and details of current salary package to the email: hr4@idealvac.com or fax them to: (505) 872-9001.

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Sample Technical Questions

Below is a short sample list of vacuum questions that an entry-level canidate will have to learn by on-the-job-training (OJT), like those that we receive on a daily basis. A skilled vacuum pump technical & applications support engineer will have the knowledge needed to answer these types of questions.

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