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Large 7.25 Cubic Feet, Frame-Mounted, Surplus Vacuum Chamber, Aluminum Body, Stainless Steel End

This vacuum chamber is a USED large frame mounted vacuum chamber with many types of ports. For dimensions and port types see diagram below. Many other custom sizes and varieties of vacuum chambers with vacuum pumps, pressure gauges and connections are offered here at Ideal Vacuum Products. Large surplus custom-built vacuum chamber system with aluminum round body and stainless steel end cover on one side. Please let us know if you think that this chamber would work for your application? Ideal Vacuum can manufacture the covers needed to seal this chamber up as needed to hold vacuum again. It has an assortment of vacuum flanged ports on the round surface, including, KF-50, KF-25, KF-16. This chamber is mounted on a rolling cart. The internal volume is estimated to be 7.25 cubic feet. Please contact us at 505-872-0037.

Condition: New

Product Number: S101038

Price: $1,995.00

Refurbished Vacuum Chamber with Power Control Box and Stand

These Ideal Vacuum Products iChambers are refurbished custom vacuum chambers. If you need a different size chamber or have different viewport or fittings requirements then please contact our Sales Department at 505-872-0037. We would be happy to help you design your own custom iChamber. This custom vacuum chamber offers the following features and advantages for users: Interior Chamber size of approximately 5 cubic feet.Power Control Box304 Electro Polished Stainless Steel Plate Chamber Body6061-T6 Aluminum Plate Chamber DoorDovetail Groove and O-Ring Seal for Chamber DoorCircular Viewport in DoorCapable of reaching high vacuum levels High Capacity Large Chambers

Condition: Refurbished

Product Number: S101039

Price: $3,995.00

Degassing Vacuum Chamber, 0.6 Cubic Ft, with Bolted Lid, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel, O-Ring Sealed

These degassing vacuum chambers are made of corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel having a large internal volume of 0.6 cubic foot (10-inch diameter by 13 inches tall). Designed with internal TIG welds, being leak tight and suitable for many applications in including research and development. They include a bolted top with handle for easy access, a KF25 flanged vacuum rated evacuation port, O-ring lid seal, and can reach vacuum pressures down to 10-3 Torr (30 inHg). Many custom sizes and varieties of vacuum chambers with vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, and connections are offered by Ideal Vacuum, please call us at 505-872-0037 for more information.Background On Vacuum Degassing Chambers For Parts Casting

Condition: Refurbished

Product Number: S101040

Price: $1,499.95

High-Vacuum Chamber Cube, includes 6 and 2.75 inch Conflat Flanged Ports, Hinged Lid, Refurbished

This high-vacuum chamber has a large 2.35 cubic foot volume, is a top-loader, and has been Ideal Vacuum refurbished. The door/lid feature is O-ring sealed and hinged to the chamber body for easy internal access. It is mounted on a rolling cart being mobile with casters and has plenty of high-vacuum flanged ports including a 6 inch conflat in the lid and five each of 2.75 inch conflat flanged ports around the body of the chamber. As it is being sold here and seen in the photos it currently includes a group of conflat 2.75 inch valves and a pair of liquid nitrogen absorption pumping traps. These items could quickly be removed if not needed for its future re-application.

Condition: Refurbished

Product Number: S101041

Price: $2,995.00

Envax General Purpose Vacuum Chamber, Aluminum Walls, Acrylic Door, 0.1 Torr Pressure, Refurbished

This Ideal Vacuum refurbished vacuum chamber was manufactured by Envax having model VC-16. It is a 16-inch cube vacuum chamber built from 1/2 inch thick welded aluminum plate including a 1-1/2 inch hinged acrylic door. This chamber is designed for general rough vacuum applications in the vacuum pressure range of 0.1 Torr. This vacuum chamber includes a side mounted control panel with Bourdon vacuum pressure gauge, an internal light, a vacuum release chamber vent valve, internal electrial power or communication feedthrough, 3/4 inch NPT vacuum pump threaded inlet, and required 110 to 120 VAC input power. These general purpose vacuum chambers would be an excellent solution for vacuum degassing applications and are available in sizes 12, 16 and 24-inch cube models. Many custom sizes and varieties of vacuum chambers with pumps, pressure gauges, and connections are offered here at Ideal Vacuum Products. Please contact us at 505-872-0037.

Condition: Refurbished

Product Number: S101042

Price: $2,495.00

Abbess Thermal Vacuum Chamber, 3.3 Cubic Foot, Welded Aluminum Plates, 2 Inch Thick Acrylic Door

This refurbished Abbess thermal vacuum chamber includes a clear acrylic top lid that is hinged to the body of the chamber and sealed by a leak-tight O-ring. This chamber is mounted on a mobile frame with casters and levelers having a large 3.3 cubic foot internal volume (13x18x18 inch cube). It includes heating capabilities which are controlled by a pair of PID (Proportional with Integral and Derivative) temperature controllers mounted in process control enclosure. The temperature in the chamber can be controlled between room temperature and 100 C (212 F). A series of 1-inch female NPT vacuum or feedthrough ports are located on the side of the chamber near the lid. These ports can be used to supply electrical communication or power feedthroughs to meet the re-applications requirements, such as, 25 pin D-sub, BNC and SMA feedthroughs. With mechanical roughing vacuum pumps this thermal vacuum chamber can be used a pressured down to 0.1 Torr.

Condition: Refurbished

Product Number: S101043

Price: $3,495.00

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